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Graphic Suite

This semester lays the foundation for learning Graphics.

You acquire concepts of digital graphics through knowledge of creating, image editing and publishing graphics for various industries.


Concepts of Graphics: Learn important design techniques, visual thinking, concept
Development, composition & typography. Develop your own personal style, vision and design. Understand conceptual knowledge about elements of art such as objects, texture, color theory, space & character design.

Basic Art: Improve drawing skills using the new drawing books.

Creating illustrations: Create graphics that heighten the web appearance of web content, product designs, business graphics, logo designing, and graphics for print like brochures, flyers, artwork and corporate presentations, CD-ROM, CBTs.

Image Magic: Learn next generation image editing tools, edit and retouch images, apply special effects, adjust color balance to produce images that resemble water colors and oils, rapidly produce dynamic graphics for the web with interactive buttons and rollovers.

Advertising Concepts: Master the concepts and principles in print advertising including the vital components like principles of masses communication, type of advertising, images in advertising, computer applications in advertising and branding principles.

Media Publishing: Integrate and create graphics- intensive documents with unparalled precision and control for pre-press. Learn and specialize in creating digital art work for printing with effects galore. Explore the possibilities of creative tools, paint effects and text appearances to secure a design with clarity.

Project: you will complete simulated project in Print and Publishing.

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