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Audio Video Editing & Special Effects

This semester deals with comprehensive training in Video editing, advanced composting & visual effects.

You will acquire skills for visualizing understanding scripts and mastering media composer and composting.


Concepts of video editing: Acquire the basic principles of video editing, types of treatments
and styles of presentations, accessories and
story boarding in video including all the fundamentals of video editing

Effects & keying techniques: Learning to assign effects to videos using plugins and transitions, using various tools of keying for mixing of videos and graphics together. Animating multiple videos for presentations

Color correction: Learning to work with advanced color correction techniques You will be able to enhance the visual treatment and colors of the videos.

Audio Mixing: Learning to lip-sink music and voice over with the videos and mixing of multiple tracks of music and voice over`s.

Concepts of Composting and visual effects: Learning basic and advanced principles of composting, types of  visual effects and types of presentations.

Composting of lights: Learn all about the interface, and tools used to create masks and various composting options, working with multiples layers for composting and effects using lights. Learn to make animations with videos and lights.

Visual effects using Painterly effects, fluid effects. Dynamics : Learn to make Photo realisting special effects, scene building, Objects animation with dynamics.

3D plugins: Learn to use 3Dplugins to give special effects and do advanced effects.

Project: Students does a project in editing,  compositing and visual FX.

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