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3D Modeling Animation & Visual Suite

This semester prepares the student with the skills for website designing.

This semester deals with comprehensive training in Advanced 3D animation.

You will acquire skills for visualizing and mastering 3D animation and character design.


Concepts of Animation: Acquire the basic pof animation ,concepts of animation, accessories and story boarding in animation including all the fundamentals of 3D animation like projects, views , maps, lighting, painterly effects, dynamics, character design and rigging, rendering.

Modeling with Maya: Learn all about the interface, and tools used to create and model 3D objects and characters, scene backgrounds.

Lights, Materials: Learn the effects of lights, materials. Animation with texture maps materials and lights.

Visual effects using Painterly effects, fluid effects.Dynamics: Learn to make Photo realisting special effects, scene building, Objects animation with dynamics.

Character modeling and rigging and animation: Learn to model 3D characters, rig them and animate them. Creating character animations with facial expressions, Kinematics and bones.

Project: Students does a project in 3D animation and visual FX.


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